A Fresh Take on Farming

Farm fresh produce is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle.  Through innovative and sustainable farming practices we bring the bounty of our harvest to farmer's markets and restaurants near you.


Traditional and Innovative Farming Practices

At Fresh Take Farm, with state-of-the-art tunnel farming methods, it’s always growing season. Even in the depths of winter there’s sprouts and leaf greens for the table.

Crisp fresh produce, vine ripened, ready to eat.  Fresh Take Farm offers hand picked vegetables, harvested with care and regard both for your health and sustainable farming practices.  Our produce is grown here, not shipped here

Farm to Table

Freshness matters!  The average supermarket potato travels 1,500 miles to get to your table.  When vegetables sit on the shelf or in shipping containers they lose nutritional value over time, the vitamins and nutrients lose their potency.  

Fresh Take Farm doesn’t grow average vegetables.  

All our crops are hand picked by our own farmers, just a few miles away.  The end result is great tasting, healthy produce with better nutritional value and a much lower carbon-footprint.  

Fresh Take Farm is found at Farmers Markets in Warren and Saratoga Counties.

Fresh Take Farm is found at Farmers Markets in Warren and Saratoga Counties.


Family-owned and Operated

It takes a village to raise a vegetable.  Fresh Take Farm is the natural progression of a generations old tradition of Washington County farming.  We take pride in entering the 21st century of agriculture as a committed partnership of friends and family.