What is a "CSA" Farm Share?

The idea of a “Farm Share” is pretty simple.   A “Member” buys a “Share” of a farmer’s harvest at the beginning of the growing season, and then comes to one of the locations of your choice each week to pick up their “Share” of the farm’s harvest.  The most common type of farm share is what’s called a “CSA” which stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.”

What is the Veggie Club farm share?

Farm shares are an incredibly beneficial component to a small farm and local community. You are promoting local business by spending your hard earned dollars right here in the same area that you live.

The Veggie Club farm share allows our farm to get a good start at the beginning of the season when supplies like seeds and soil need to be purchased in bulk. After a long winter of limited sunshine we tend to be a bit cash poor. With each member, Fresh Take Farm has a better chance to get off to a great start to the season without taking out high interest loans.

  As a reward to our members, each week members choose from a variety of healthy, delicious veggies!  You'll also share some of the risks:  We are growing in Northern New York where the weather is unpredictable as you know.  We use only organic fertilizers and natural methods for fighting against disease and pests.  We choose this approach knowing that over time our farm’s soil will get better, not worse. Unlike the many large farms that produce single crops you might find on the shelf at a grocery store our farm remains diverse and constantly adding organic matter to our soil. Thus increasing flavor and yield over time. We do so with YOUR help!!!

It’s quite a bit different from buying your vegetables at a supermarket.  Joining the Veggie club means that you share in one local farm’s harvest each week  You share in the risks and rewards of farming, with one farmer.  There can be bumper crops; there can be droughts.  High, and lows.  When purchasing from the supermarket or even from a Farmers Market, you don’t really know exactly how or where exactly those vegetables have been grown. When you join the Veggie Club farm share CSA you can walk the fields and see the vegetables growing row by row, inch by inch. And even better, you get to know the farmers growing it.

Investing in our Veggie Club farm share means that you are sharing in seasonal crops.  Some crops like it hot and some like it cool.  Some crops can even be coaxed into growing in the depths of winter using innovative tunnel-farming techniques.  Different veggies are available at different times of the year, and some (like ramps and fiddleheads) only for a few days or weeks. 

If that sounds good to you, we'd like to invite you to come join our Veggie Club farm share program.  We'll even give you and your family the option to come down to the farm and share in some of the work!

Reasons to invest in our Veggie Club farm share program:

  • You will experience truly fresh food and get a great seasonal variety of produce.

  • You will get healthy veggies! Simply visiting the farm or farmers market is a stress reliever, and choosing a lifestyle of eating natural, nourishing food is good for the body and soul.

  • You will help support a local farms. This helps our community retain it’s rural character.

  • You will have the opportunity to interact with nature. Members are welcome to visit the farm and experience farm life. It’s great to show our children how their food is grown and even give them a role in growing it themselves.

  • You will reduce the distance your food travels and the carbon footprint required to transport your food. (The average vegetable travels over 1500 miles from factory-farm to supermarket shelf).

  • You will be part of a community! The Veggie Club is about more than just sharing vegetables! It’s a community where fun, responsible, health-conscious families can share recipes, ideas and experiences.

Reasons why you might not want to join our Veggie Club farm share program:

  • You won’t get every type of vegetable each and every week. Eating locally and eating seasonally means that you’ll get the produce that’s ripe at the right time. At the market you’ll see a great variety of seasonally available vegetables, just as nature intended it.

  • You won’t always get perfect looking vegetables. This isn’t a beauty contest: Our produce is healthy, delicious and grown from the soil.


Join the Veggie Club today!

The Spring/Summer 2019 Share is now officially OPEN and ready for existing and new member sign ups!

Fresh Take Farm is accepting members for the Spring/summer 2019 season.  Our Spring share will begin on Saturday, June 1st and run for a total of 18 weeks ending on September 28th

Note: 1 item (example) = 1 bunch kale, 2lbs of potatoes, 1 bunch of carrots, 1 head of lettuce, 1 bunch of radish,

Micro Share-half season, 5 items per week - $18 weekly ($162 total)

Full Share-half season, 7 items per week - $25 weekly ($225 total)

Micro Share-Full Season, 5-6 items per week-$18 weekly ($324 total)

Full Share-Full Season, 7-8 items per week-$25 weekly ($450 total)

Pickup Locations*:

  • Glens Falls Farmers Market

  • Edward's Market - Granville

  • Chapman's General Store - Granville

  • Fresh Take Farm - Granville

  • New! Studio G Yoga-Village of Granville

*Note - We need 5 members for each pickup location or some locations will be consolidated.

Please be sure you fully understand what our Veggie Club farm share is about before you join!

Memberships for the Veggie Club sell out quickly...
To join our Veggie Club farm share program, please fill out an enrollment form today.